About Davra Networks

The Davra team have worked together for more than 15 years having previously built and sold the highly successful Crannog Software, a pioneer of the early days of network and 'big data' management. 

Our vision is to provide a complete IoT platform that allows our customers to define, build and bring to market vertical specific IoT applications.

Our RuBAN™ platform is a customer premise or cloud based, simple to use application enablement platform that takes critical data from the network and any connected devices or sensors and publishes it through our IOT open API making it easy to build and run Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 

It’s your data, use it !

Meet the Team

  • Paul Glynn - CEO

  • As CEO, Paul is responsible for managing and building our partner relationships and strategic customer development.

  • Brian McGlynn - COO

  • As COO and Co-Founder, Brian leads our USA Operation and oversees technical and strategic direction along with vendor relations for Davra Networks

  • Joe Quinn - CTO

  • As CTO and Co-Founder, Joe is responsible for managing the innovation process, project delivery and aligning technical and commercial strategy.

  • Colin Ryan - Principal Architect

  • As principal Architect Colin leads all our architect design and oversees our core development team.

  • Mick Quinn - UI/UX Lead

  • Mick leads our design team from concept to delivery. He is also responsible for ensuring that our product has an industry leading look and feel.

  • Luis Pista - Fog Lead

  • Luis Pista leads our embedded or fog development team and oversees all design and development efforts.


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