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IoT And Wearable Tech

Posted by Davra Networks • Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Post by : David Kelly - Head of UI/UX, Design.

Sitting down with my morning coffee this morning and having a read back over my post yesterday, I noticed that I only kind of skimmed over the details and gave an overview of what was possible by using IoT to leverage the maximum performance of an athlete, but how would this be achieved, in order to answer that we have to dive a bit deeper. 

The internet of Things, things will make tracking a persons metrics possible, and it just so happens that wearable tech is extremely lucrative and open at the moment.

The big players Apple and Samsung have thrown in they're two cents recently with the introduction of the apple watch and Samsung galaxy gear respectively. While these gadgets are really cool at the moment, its hard to see developers like myself making game changing improvements to a product that has a set ceiling, they are more a convenient method for translating back the garnered data that we collect from other sources, so lets look at some alternatives. 

Last year wearable tech startups in the US raised just under $500 million in investment, with that being said it's a fair assumption to make that this market will be flooded with creative and intuitive solutions in the not so distant future. Personally as a designer im hoping that these products will fit the users needs adequately, for instance having a shirt i wear that tells me all my vitals. A belt that records my weight loss would be cool or how about a pair of sunglasses that charge my phone. I want wearable tech to fit on me and not make me look like a dodgy human robot cross-dresser. 

But most importantly i want wearable tech to vastly improve my life, by providing me with metrics that get me thinking about my health and that provide me with positive feedback that lifts my spirits and boost my self-confidence.It's a exciting time here at Davra as we consider all these possible solutions and ways to bring them to you in the general public.

Companies to look out for : 
1. Luna [ the smart mattress ]
2  Sensoria [ smart t-shirt ]
3. Gymtrack [ Workout Monitoring ]
4. Caeden [ Just because they're stuff is so stylish ! ]

1.0 - 2.0  : 


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