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Usage Scenario’s driving the Internet of Things – Part 2

Posted by Paul Glynn • Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last week I introduced the idea that the evolution of the Internet of Things will follow a clearly defined path as the value and complexity of IOT offerings increases over time. I also suggested that IOT itself was just a natural extension of the Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies that have been steadily developing since Brian Kernihgan and his team at Bell Labs typed those immortal worlds “hello, world ..
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Usage Scenario’s driving the Internet of Things – Part 1

Posted by Paul Glynn • Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Internet of Things is definitely the hot topic in the networking industry at the moment and the marketing people are falling over themselves to try to define what exactly it is and what it means to their customers so that they can package it up nice and neatly and squeeze it into a 30 second elevator pitch. In my mind however, this is missing the point, trying to define IOT is like trying to pin mercury to th ..
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12 Years of Cisco Live - From San Diego to Milan

Posted by Paul Glynn • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sometimes I think I'm stuck in a time warp. As I write I'm on a plane heading to Milan for what will be my 17th visit to Cisco Live (or Cisco Networkers as us old guys still like to call it) in the past 12 years. My first back in 2002, although a much smaller event than it is today, was an amazing affair, the glitz and glamour of my first US trade-show was mind blowing and I came away with a view  ..
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Building a world class IoT Platform

Posted by Brian McGlynn • Monday, January 13, 2014

At Cisco Live in Milan from 27 - 31 of January 2014 we will be speaking live in theater about the essential elements of any IoT Platform. We are doing 3 sessions on the Cisco Internet of Things Pavilion: Paul Glynn CEO -- Tuesday, January 28 -- 18:30 pm IoT Pavilion Brian Mc Glynn -- Wednesday, January 29 -- 13:15 pm IoT Pavilion Jerry Mc Donnell -- Thursda ..
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The Internet of Things - Is Saving Lives a Feature or a Benefit ?

Posted by Paul Glynn • Wednesday, January 08, 2014

On a trip to New York before Christmas I encountered wall to wall TV coverage of the horrific train crash that killed 4 people in the Bronx on December 1st. Given that I was in Barcelona a month previously, not long after that city had a train event of its own it got me thinking about the causes of these crashes and where technology could be used to prevent them. The human costs of these accident ..
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Dublin Web summit

Posted by Joe Quinn • Monday, December 09, 2013

The Web Summit was held recently in Dublin, Ireland. It was a hugely successful event and has greatly enhanced its reputation as one of the world’s top tech summits. Davra Networks Joe Quinn attended and talks about his experience from the show... The first thing that strikes you is the scale of this show with over 10,000 participants packed into the RDS and overflowing into surrounding buildings and Ma ..
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Worlds Smartest City

Posted by Paul Glynn • Tuesday, December 03, 2013

So, a quick question for my first ever blog. Where is the Worlds Smartest City ? Is it one of the more recognised high tech hubs, like San Francisco, Tel Aviv or Seoul, one of the younger hipper cities like Singapore or Austin, Texas or maybe one of the new pretenders with massive budgets and a regulatory system that allows them to slash and burn existing infrastructure and start again every couple ..
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Dubai - Gitex

Posted by Brian McGlynn • Friday, November 08, 2013

Davra Networks participated at the GITEX Middle East ICT Technology Trade Show, 20th October to 24th October, located at the Dubai World Trade Center. Our participation was part of the Enterprise Ireland ICT delegation sponsored by the Irish Government. GITEX is a significant annual event and Dubai is a nucleus of activity as far a technology Companies and Service Providers. Cisco, Hu ..
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Tech Prediction (5th November 2013)

Posted by Brian McGlynn • Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It is a brave man who publicly makes a prediction in the technology space. 2 years ago at a tradeshow of 20K people I made a bold prediction that SNMP was DEAD. See original blog post here http://www.davranetworks.com/news/is-snmp-dead Today with the advent of embedded intelligence, local programmability, OnePK, EEM this statement does not sound so ridiculous anymore. Now I would like to predict that  ..
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Internet of Thing WF Social Review

Posted by Brian McGlynn • Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A quick shout out to some of the guys who made the week even better: Kevin Holcomb, Cool dude - who leads potentially one of the most exciting product lines for Cisco in IOT the embedded 59xx range. Mark Townsley an extremely smart Cisco FELLOW who wrote the L2TP protocol no less and is an all round cool guy. Patrick Grossetete the very well respected Cisco Engineer who bought a bit  ..
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