Enabling Internet of Things Deployments through AEP


Making complicated network and sensor data available in an easy to understand and usable format is critical for the delivery of successful IoT application’s. Our open API makes complex data easily available.

  • Asset Lifecycle Mangement

  • Full IoT Asset (Gateway & Sensors) Lifecycle Management from initial rollout to ongoing monitoring, firmware updates, configuration updates, software updates and management.

  • Beautiful IoT AEP

  • The IoT AEP Platform is the single most visible component in all IoT Solutions and deployments. Making our IoT AEP Platform beautiful to delight our customers is an overriding feature of our platform.

  • Interoperate 200+ IT Systems

  • We interoperate with over 200 different IT and OT systems. Think of our IOT AEP as an Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) for IoT at both the Fog and Central Platform Level

  • 1000+ Sensor Support

  • Our IoT AEP Platform supports over 1000+ different sensors and data sources right from the edge IoT Gateway without any additional programming.

  • IoT Gateway Fog Controller

  • Our fog controller module turns IoT Gateways into intelligent edge compute platforms enabling local analytics, local decision making and powerful sensor based data collection across 100+ sensor based protocols.

  • Programmability & Extensibility

  • Create extensions, plugins, widgets, support ad-hoc sensor protocols, create new ESB connectors in hours using our IDE built specifically for IoT.

  • Horizontal Architecture

  • Our IoT AEP Platform is architect-ed as a horizontal AEP platform that enables vertical solutions. This importantly means our System Integrator Partners can use a single platform for numerous vertical Solutions.

  • Geo Location Aware

  • Every single piece of Data and Asset Life-cycle Information is Geo Location Aware and Tagged. When and WHERE data points and sensor data are observed are key to successful IoT Solution sets.

  • Multi Tenancy

  • Host 100+ Customers on a single install of our AEP Platform. Multi Tenancy provides ease of deployment and management for our System Integrators.

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